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Let us join hands and hearts, consciousness and focus, and assist each other in holding the vibration of Love, until together, our resonance is proof that All-That-Is is Love.

~Adapted from the Messages from God

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Each of us has a Twin Flame, the exact being with whom we were created at the thrilling Moment of Creation, when God expanded Itself and created from that Self a new being. God then divided that being into Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. This template of masculine and feminine can be seen throughout all Earth life. The expansion from the ALL THAT IS came from God’s strong desire to extend Love through its Creations (on Earth, for example) and have a way to know and observe Itself by living through us. This Twin is the other half of yourself, with whom you share the most exquisite Love and Oneness possible — which you will know when you unite with that divine one…

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about leia

For over twenty years Leia has focused on opening to her Soul and developing her connection to God.  Thirteen years of that included an emerging conscious relationship with her non-physical Twin Flame, whom she knows as Sanamus in the Higher Realms. 

They both work together to create a life of Love and to activate the New Earth Reality where Heaven on Earth exists.  They share their Soul’s Passion for this mission through this website by publishing information and true stories of their experiences in the Realities of Love. 

This magnetizes the New World of Love for all of collective consciousness, which forms a new consensual reality among all of humanity.

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