What I Did When I Got a Flat Tire

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If you're going to have a flat tire, I suppose the best of scenarios is that the tire goes flat just as you are pulling into your driveway. Such was the situation I found myself in this past Monday.

My Roadside Team

After coming back from buying oil for my campervan home, popping the hood and putting my stuff down in the garage, I turned to find that my van was leaning. And there it was, a front passenger tire gone flat!

It’s such a sinking feeling! But I was grateful that I was not on the side of the road. Whew!

So what do I do? The first thing I thought of was that I would just have to start a Heartweaving Project because I didn’t know how I was going to get this taken care of. And it needed to happen within a few days.

I called on Sanamus for us to prepare for a Heartweaving Conference. Then I called on the various members that would form the Project Team. After the Conference was in motion, I wrote down the basic things I needed to happen. These would be my Project Parameters:

  • Provide the funds to purchase a new tire or to have the current one repaired.
  • Arrange a way for me to get the tire to a tire shop
  • Have it done before this Thursday
  • Let it all happen according to my Heart’s Desires.



    Project Parameters


    I thought that since things needed to happen quickly that I would work the Project much like I do when taking road trips – just keep the Conference with my Team running while I am engaged in the relevant tasks – in this case, getting the tire off of the van. I wanted to see what caused the flat tire. It turned out that a plug which I had done in that tire while in another town had come out.

    Getting the tire looked at would have to wait until the next day so I went ahead and formally worked the Project using the Starting General Balance Process. This meant doing an initial Balancing & Stabilizing and then an Even Flow Process to optimize my energy connections to the Project. Then I asked my Team what Processes were needed for this General Balancing of the new Project.




Starting a Heartweaving Chart


It matters whether or not I take the time to ask about Processes and then actually do them. ”

  1. Balancing & Stabilizing Process
  2. Triangulation
  3. Clearing & Blessing
  4. Soul Fusion
  5. Supporting Foundation Balancer

Specific elements needed addressing.
Balancing & Stabilizing:

  • Supporting Foundation Balancer: 4 drops
  • Morphic Field Stabilizer: 3 drops


  • Point 2 needed 4 drops of Morphic Field Stabilizer
  • Link 3 needed 3 drops of Morphic Field Stabilizer

Clearing & Blessing:


 Clear what’s in the way and bestow a Blessing

I was shown that it was the Mental Level of the Project that needed this Process. Although I was trying to remain calm, I was still anxious about how it all would play out – more than I realized.

Soul Fusion:

It was now time for Sanamus and I to infuse the Project with our Soul’s energies. This always feels really nice!


 Soul Fusion felt in the Heart

Supporting Foundation Balancer:And, last, a finishing Balancing to smooth everything out – 3 drops.

Here’s how it all played out

Once I was able to borrow a friend’s vehicle, I took the tire to a place that he suggested that was close by. I explained my situation at the tire shop and waited for them to look at the flat tire.

During my wait, a new Rover booking for doing Drop Ins for a kitty cat came in. That was a welcome sight! Then, as I was given the news that I would have to get a new tire after all, the general manager gave me a discount. I left with a new tire, which my friend put on the van for me, after much struggle. I had to ask my Roadside Team to help him figure the situation out. And suddenly the tire was moved into place where it needed to be.

Final result: after tallying up the tire cost and my upcoming car insurance payment, I still had barely enough to pay that bill. I may only have .72 in my account (until the 29th), but at least I am able to pay that bill.

My Team came through for me – all of us working together. It matters whether or not I take the time to ask about Processes and then actually do them.

So, with the Project Parameters completed, we deactivated the Project. And I have a new tire – the day after I activated the Project.


Leia Webbster

Leia Webbster

Co-Director of The Institute of Magical Love Magical Light | Heartweaver | Ambassador of Compassion

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