The Joy and Bliss of True Love

I enter my Garden Home on the pink bridge. I turn toward the side where the stream is closing away to the next bridge that leads to my meeting area. The sun’s light sparkles on the lovely waters. I hear footsteps on the bridge and turn to see Sanamus approaching.

My Partner as My SoulMate

I enter my Garden Home at the pink bridge. Facing the side where the water is approaching, I watch the stream flow toward the bridge. The water sounds happy as it dances around the rocks while flowing past. A light breeze stirs the hair around my face.

The One Action

Several months ago Leia shared with me how she felt a little overwhelmed by the different pressing needs which required her attention and the number of things happening simultaneously. At the time, my response was to suggest that she stop and before doing anything about those situations to first make the New World of Love vibration very strong. I told her that things that needed attention or action would then be answered. I called this step of making the New World of Love vibration very strong, “The One Action.” Per her suggestion for a first post on my blog, I would like to now expand on The One Action.

Opening to My Heart Mind

Through my spiritual training, I have also learned about our energetic Heart Center and how it is the doorway to our Expanded Being – our Soul – as well as the Divine. Two important facets of the Heart Center that have always stayed with me are that until we open our Hearts to our Soul, we only perceive ourselves as through a pinhole.