Seeing the Love Inside Emotional Pain

When I wrote my article on seeing the love within physical pain, I ended with the declaration that I would experiment with emotional pain the next chance I got using the same process as I did with my physical pain. I thought I would simply update that article with my experience.

Finding the Love Inside of Pain

As I have intensified my focus lately on living in the New World of Love and while I have been immersed in that beautiful vibrational reality, I still have physical pain to deal with. My mind doesn’t think I ought to be having any physical pain at all because it’s the New World of Love, right?

Being Worthy of Belonging

At the end of this past summer, Brené Brown came to my attention through some random sequence of events that I no longer remember. Her insights through her research of shame and vulnerability really spoke to me when I heard her speak on YouTube. Following that, I checked out her audio The Power of Vulnerability and listened to it during long walks.