Life with Sanamus

Detailed accounts of Leia living with her Twin Flame, Sanamus.

The Joy and Bliss of True Love

I enter my Garden Home on the pink bridge. I turn toward the side where the stream is closing away to the next bridge that leads to my meeting area. The sun’s light sparkles on the lovely waters. I hear footsteps on the bridge and turn to see Sanamus approaching.

My Partner as My SoulMate

I enter my Garden Home at the pink bridge. Facing the side where the water is approaching, I watch the stream flow toward the bridge. The water sounds happy as it dances around the rocks while flowing past. A light breeze stirs the hair around my face.

Our Garden Home

As a first post on this blog, I would like to introduce you to the place where Sanamus and I spend a lot of time. Much of the true stories that will be on this blog will take place in our Garden Home – or at least start there.