Compassion Lightray

Artist:  Sheranda Ann Kumara

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“The Source of All Creation sends the energy of Life into the realm of our 12 Dimensions. This life energy, the energy which is used to manifest creation as we experience it splits into several different ‘flavors.’ At their source, all energies you experience are emanations of GOD’S love. Just as light refracts into the colors of the rainbow GOD’S love refracts into different energies which become the various elements of Creation.”

“Compassion is one of the first energies refracted. As it flows through the lower and lower dimensions, it refracts into such energies as kindness, compassionate action, understanding, motivation and insight. It also contributes to the crystalline structure of certain life forms, including the Earth’s Crystalline core and thus is vitally important to your own crystalline evolution.”

~Excerpt from the Level 1 Attunement Manual