Finding the Love Inside of Pain

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"Remember, Dear Heart, your atoms can be qualified with human thoughts and beliefs, but the electrons cannot— They are Superior and are a mini focus of the Heart of God. They never take on duality."

Putting my attention on the “right” place.

As I have intensified my focus lately on living in the New World of Love and while I have been immersed in that beautiful vibrational reality, I still have physical pain to deal with. My mind doesn’t think I ought to be having any physical pain at all because it’s the New World of Love, right?

It’s been helpful for me to loosen the borders of that kind of black-and-white thinking and view living the World of Love Reality as a spectrum. Or perhaps we can look at it as what happens during an approaching sunrise. My move into the World of Love Resonance is like moving along an energy gradient. Not all of me is yet capable of leaping into the brilliance of Love’s Reality. Each day, though, I slide along that Gradient of Light as far as I can while I work with situations that come up for transformation.

Pain of any sort is a call for such a transformative focus. As I have felt physical pain, in particular, I’ve been asking the question, “How is physical pain handled in the New World of Love?” When I ask this kind of question, it’s mostly a kind of ‘wondering’ that I put out there. When it’s particularly important to me, I ‘wonder’ more than once. After ‘putting it out there,’ eventually answers start coming to me.

The first spontaneous idea that I received was to use the power of my Awareness to see into the pain. In particular, my focus was to see the Love present within the pain.

I’ll bet that you didn’t know that there is actual Love embedded in physical pain. Perhaps pain is just repressed or frozen Love.

“I know that I am connecting to the Love within the pain because my Heart feels it.”





As a Compassion Ambassador, I have learned that there is an actual Presence of Compassion taught at Level 3 that can be activated that reveals the Love in all things. This fact becomes experiential with the aid of Compassion.

Even the Ascended Host in The Greatest Power in the Universe reveal that the very electrons of our beings never take on duality but remain in a state of Perfection:

  • ” Unlike the atom, the electron cannot be re-qualified, it remains in a state of perfection and in a way it is the very heart of God-Life. And so it is of such a vibration of perfection, that density of imperfection at that state of vibration does not register.”
  • ” Remember, Dear Heart, your atoms can be qualified with human thoughts and beliefs, but the electrons cannot— They are Superior and are a mini focus of the Heart of God. They never take on duality.”

Akasha and Asun. The Greatest Power in the Universe (Kindle Locations 626-628, 2061). Radiant Rose Academy. Kindle Edition.

In The Messages from God, the basic fact of Love’s foundation to our existence is often stated:

Knowing how often this truth is spoken of, I immediately carried out the idea of looking into the pain with one of my favorite statements: “I am aware of my Awareness filling the Love within the pain of _______” or I have simply put my attention on the pain and said, “… the Love within this pain.” Following the saying of this statement, I pause and watch what happens. I notice sensations and feelings. Eventually, my Heart registers the Love that’s present there.


This has been key – I know that I am connecting to the Love within the pain because my Heart feels it. And focusing on the Love causes it to grow and move.

I have found that this exercise changes the experience of the pain. For instance, it might shift a little or localize into a more condensed spot. I then repeat the statement for the newly manifested ‘form.”

So far, I have seen pain diminish or disappear. While working with my last menstrual cycle where I have been experiencing intense headaches at the onset of them – and medicine has barely touched them – my first focus on the Love within that headache caused a release of tears just streaming down my cheeks. And by the end of the day, the menstrual headache had diminished and didn’t return the next day – an unusual occurrence for me.

Just this morning I took the current dog for whom I’m pet sitting for a long walk. I didn’t eat breakfast before we left so I knew I’d probably be hungry before we got back, which I thought I could deal with. However, I started experiencing intense hunger pains that caused my stomach to clench. The only thing I could think to do was the Awareness exercise. I moved my Awareness into the Love present within my stomach pain by saying my usual statement.

A few minutes later, after being distracted by Sammy, the dog, I noticed how blissful I sort of felt and then realized my stomach pain had gone and my stomach had relaxed. I was ‘wowed’ by this result and felt grateful to the power of Love.

So my research continues into this question of how physical pain is
handled in the New World of Love. I haven’t had presence of mind
yet to try it with emotional pain. Next time, let’s see if I can
remember the apply the same procedure. I’ll be sure to write an

Leia Webbster

Leia Webbster

Co-Director of The Institute of Magical Love Magical Light | Heartweaver | Ambassador of Compassion

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