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Merkabah Amendment

I started this Project two years ago. This year I haven’t been keeping up with it much as far as Project Maintenance. Old intentions and parameters no longer apply that I made along the way. So I decided to bring the Project back to its core parameters and intentions.

As always, the first step to working with the Project is to form a Conference with my Project Team. I usually sit down with bullet journal, set up a page for our Conference and then start talking aloud to them. I went through my list of things that I wanted to re-activate in the Merkabah and requested that all else be deactivated. With these kinds of changes, a New Project Starting Process has to be initiated.

Notation System in my Bullet Journal

Liquid Lightrays for Electrics

The first steps are easy. I just have to ask my Team if the Merkabah needs the Supporting Foundation Balancer or the Morphic Field Stabilizer due to the amendments. Then an Even Flow Process is begun to adjust my energy pathways to the Project for optimal flow.

Once those initial steps are completed, then it’s on to beginning a Heartweaving Chart for the purpose of General Balancing. At this point, I ask my Team to show me which Processes are needed. Once I have that noted down, I ask for the order they are to be done.

The first Process I was given was the Liquid Lightrays for Electrics. These are solutions that I made with the Master Crystal Devas that Balance, Repair or Stabilize electrical systems. I have a whole container of 77 bottles, each for a specific crystal or stone. Doing this Process means I have to find out which ones are needed for this specific Project focus. They gave me:

Things feel more stable and focused. ”

  • Carnelian
  • Bloodstone
  • Lepidolite
  • Tanzanite

I placed a drop of each in a spoon and then we to an Nature Shift that administers them to the Project.

I asked if a repeated Dosage was needed. Since I was given the affirmative answer, I found out how many days a dose was needed and how many times a day. Then I set about creating a Project Bottle that would contain a solution of all 4 bottles. Then all I would need to do is use that one bottle for the next 5 days.

So now this was all set up. I just had to ask next if a waiting period was needed before starting the next process. I was shown to wait 4 days. I made a note of that date on my calendar and then closed the Conference with my Project Team.

Project Bottle ready to go!

I already feel so much better now that these changes are being made. Things feel more stable and focused. I am looking forward to seeing what unfolds.

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