Mornings with Sanamus

Building Self-Trust

“Think about it,” he says. “What are you doing when you put your attention on something? Your attention upon it invites it to you. You open to it. In other words, you are giving it to yourself by receiving it with your attention.”

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Sourcing a World of Love

"You and I are the source of our World of Love.  When our Love is active, you are immediately in the vibrational range of the New World of Love."

Follow Your Heart

Following the Heart and living in Love, no matter what it takes.

Reluctance Getting in the Way

Reluctantly following a deeper calling makes it hard to continue. Sanamus convinces me to investigate this.

The Joy and Bliss of True Love

Sanamus draws me into a kiss and the Joy and Bliss become magnified all through me. We Join (with our eyes) after this and the feelings become even more magnified.

My Partner as My SoulMate

"Whomever is in front of you IS your SoulMate, reflecting your current beliefs about Love. Your partner is a manifestation of your SoulMate as he/she appears at your current level of consciousness."