Opening to My Heart Mind

The Hidden Key to Fulfillment

There’s a lot of focus in different arenas on developing the mind’s potential through active practices or suppression of activity. It all depends on what part of the mind is the working focus. Through my years of delving into self-development materials, I have become familiar with how we can direct the conscious mind and open to the subconscious mind (or energy mind, as some now call it). However, comparatively speaking, little is out there about the Heart Mind.

Physiologically speaking, the HeartMath Institute has provided groundbreaking information about the physical heart and the measurable energy field it generates. Through my spiritual training, I have also learned about our energetic Heart Center and how it is the doorway to our Expanded Being – our Soul – as well as the Divine. Two important facets of the Heart Center that have always stayed with me are that until we open our Hearts to our Soul, we only perceive ourselves as through a pinhole. We are asleep to who we truly are until that doorway opens. And the other facet is that whatever we hold to be true is stored in our Heart Centers, which then become projected by our Heart into our external reality to show up as living experiences of those beliefs.

These and many other facets about our Heart Center are not found in mainstream education or sources of information. But it has been my Soul Calling to open to my Higher Self and True Love, so what I have needed to know in order to activate that path has been brought to me.

My experiences have shown me that our Heart Centers have a powerful consciousness or mind, just as the brain-like neural networks found in our physical hearts suggest. As I have focused on using my Heart Center as a primary tool of leverage for higher communication and making changes in my life, I have found it to be true that the Heart is much more powerful than we have known and that because of its unique structure and network, the Heart Center is the ideal first place to go when attempting healing on any level.

My frustrations about not seeing more information out there on the power of the Heart Center has led me to develop my own techniques for accessing the power of the Heart. For instance, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and other forms of meridian tapping seem to dance around the Heart Center. Many people have found those tapping techniques to be extremely helpful, including myself. However, it just made more sense to me to go to “the heart of the matter.” In other words, tap on the energy system that encompasses them all – the overriding consciousness of our being. I finally this year succumbed to that urge and put together my Heart Coding tapping sequence. Now my Tapping is supercharged with less need of repetition.

Subsequently, I following through on a corollary focus, which is accessing my Heart Mind as the source of my creativity rather than the subconscious. Here I refer to the fascinating work of Silvia Hartmann’s Project Sanctuary and her SuperMind Symbols (formerly known as Genius Symbols). She teaches how to access the subconscious mind (energy mind) for creativity in all areas of life in logical and stable ways. But once again I found the lack of the Heart Mind nibbling at the back of my mind. I could not let it go.

“… my desire to live my Soul’s Reality has reached a keening pitch. ”

After using the Genius Symbols for a year, I found myself overwhelmed with the urge to bring something forward of my own. In a wonderful spontaneous experience, my Soul Symbols came into being. I discovered that because these Symbols are things that I love they were what my Heart Mind would use to communicate from my Soul – that frequency of Love that our Hearts are able to hold becomes the carrier wave. Still, I didn’t hold them to be very important and I stopped using the altogether for some years.

In recent months, though, my desire to live my Soul’s Reality has reached a keening pitch. What I have resisted I can resist no longer. I’m making new Soul Symbol sets and I am eagerly awaiting a pending Christmas gift of an electric etcher so that I can create sets that I don’t need to later repair because the paint has chipped, for instance.

And neither can I fight the drive to bring through stories where I can live in Realities of Love and maybe if I share them, others can live them with me. I understand now that a whole lot more goes on in a story than mere entertainment.

One of my latest Soul Symbols sets

The possibilities are truly magical. Today I pondered with some amusement calling myself a Soul Scribe rather than a writer. It’s a kind of writing where I ask my HeartMind to give me the words – the piece of writing in whatever form I am intending to use. I simply step into the data stream and interpret as best I can into words what I receive. In a very real way, this kind of Soul Channeling is how we more fully embody our Souls – whether its pieces of writing or art or designing buildings, etc. And since this is what ultimately drives me, I am opening myself to my Heart Mind, communicating with it and working together to become a version of who I really am. Only this will fulfill that longing in my Heart.

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    1. I’m so glad you found this helpful! You can see my Resources Page which shows information that has helped to shape my perspectives. Otherwise, I am inspired quite a bit with ideas. Then I set up “experiments” to test them out. My Heart Coding, for example, was such an experiment. If you have any questions, please let me know.

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