Our Garden Home

As a first post on this blog, I would like to introduce you to the place where Sanamus and I spend a lot of time. Much of the true stories that will be on this blog will take place in our Garden Home – or at least start there.

For a long time our Home was in a house of some sort or building. Several years ago I started feeling like the walls were closing in on me during visits there. The feeling became more and more obvious.

Then one day while I was there, the building around me disappeared and only the back garden remained, which I immediately began expanding. It’s now more like a mini park. There are only two structures with a roof overhead – our canopy bed and a gazebo.

This huge change was an indication of a greater Heart expansion, which showed itself in the images of our Home, since it’s location is in the Heart Realms. After the change, I felt SO much better and I love going there to hang out.

More details about what’s in our Home will be added…

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