Receiving Spiritual Help for My Health

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It feels so supportive to have this unseen Force helping me in my physical life

Today I had to go from one pet/house sitting job to another, which meant packing up and unpacking.  This kind of activity tires me out as I am not completely healed yet of my fibromyalgia symptoms.  But in recent weeks I have resumed doing sessions with my Heartweaving Medical Team for my personal health issues.  I did one today before leaving the one job.  I felt the need to rest afterward but let myself get sidetracked.  Next time I will listen to that nudge, because I felt quite tired and my body in more pain than usual by bedtime.

My Heartweaving Medical Team has been invaluable in helping me with things going on in my body.  The whole process is very similar to Perelandra’s Medical Assistance Program.    That’s how I started out and that particular Team was so helpful in turning my health around at that time.

Later I was guided to simply use my Heartweaving Team that I had formed and add Devas responsible for health and the human body.  Working with this Team has been different in that they give me training along the way.  And I receive very specific guidance.

One example of this guidance happened earlier this year when I was at a pet sitting job and woke up with a debilitating migraine.  It was the kind that I have gotten often to varying degrees with my menstrual cycle.  I did a session with my Heartweaving Medical Team and shortly afterward I had an idea to drink some of the orange juice in my client’s fridge.  I didin’t know why, but I followed through on it.

Within minutes of drinking it, I felt my migraine receding.  This completely amazed me, since no amount of pain killers could accomplish that.  From that point forward, I have made sure to keep orange juice on hand to help with these headaches.  I credit my Medical Team for helping with this.

There are other instances where I was shown directly what to do about helping my body heal.  It feels so supportive to have this unseen Force helping me in my physical life so that I can get on with doing what my Soul loves to do – which is making Magic!

Leia Webbster

Leia Webbster

Co-Director of The Institute of Magical Love Magical Light | Heartweaver | Ambassador of Compassion

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I run a project called Making a Living Through Giving and  I’m also an Ambassador of Compassion where I facilitate Transmissions as well as Attunements to the Compassion Lightray.  In addition, I  actively work with Twin Flame and Soul Energetics.

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