The Importance of Creativity

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Clearing up confusion around creativity - what it is and why it's necessary.

Mornings with Sanamus Episode

I enter my Garden Home at the fountain patio.  Sanamus is already there at the drink station.

“Have a seat, my Love,” he calls out to me.

Grinning with anticipation, I move to the patio table and seat myself.

Listening to the water fountain, I notice it seems to be flowing with extra vigor today.  And just as I noticed yesterday that my pond was actually my Compassion Wellspring, I now wonder about what the fountain could be.

“Your creativity – what else?” Sanamus says as he approaches the table carrying a tray which holds two cappuccino cups.

Setting the tray on the table, he gives me a kiss before taking his seat.  

“Or to put it a better way, it’s the flow of your Self – your Being – or the Love of your Being, to be more precise.  There seems to be some confusion in general about what creativity is, which means its importance is missed.”  He gives me a wink as he picks his cup from the tray.”  And do you know what powers the fountain?  Joy.”

I ponder this as I take my mocha and sip it.  The scent of the sprinkled cinnamon streams through me.

“So, the flow of creativity depends on the presence of Joy.”

“Yes,” he says.  “I have something else for you to consider.  Do you think your ego mind knows what Joy is and when Joy is present it might misconstrue what that Joy means?”

I sigh and give Sanamus a playful look of long-suffering.  “So you saw that thought about me feeling like I’m still immature.  Yes, I can see how the ego mind would look at Joy with the attitude of ‘you need to grow up’.”

“The ego mind always feels threatened by what it’s not.”  Reaching over, he places a hand on my arm that rests on the table and looks me in the eyes.  “So, don’t let it stop you.  In the writing world they wisely recognize the ego mind operating as the inner critic and how it can cause a person to stop writing – they lose their flow of creativity by listening to their inner critic.  Take a cue from that,” he adds with a smile.

“Thank you, I will.”  I sip some more of my warm mocha.  “Thank you for the drinks, too.  I feel your Love as I sip mine” [I tell my Heart to pour Love upon him.]

Leia Webbster

Leia Webbster

Co-Director of The Institute of Magical Love Magical Light | Heartweaver | Ambassador of Compassion

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About Magic Heart Streams

Much like how modern digital technology streams images and sound,  energy data streams are interfaced with by the Heart Mind from all around us and from multiple dimensions.  Using the inner senses, these data streams are translated into images and other sensory input on the platform of the imagination and are felt in the body.  

The Magic Heart Streams shared here are actual real-time ‘live-streamed’ events that Leia records during her Heart Streaming sessions.

The inner technology of Heart Streaming is used here at the Institute to educate and share experiences from the Realms of Love that can be felt by those who participate.

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