The Magical Moments of Soul Fusions

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But my favorite use for them that I still do, including today, is to bring in Bursts to Fuse with my Heart's Desires for a given situation.

One of the things that I still do which I started back in 2013 was bringing in my Love and my Light in Soul Fusions. At first I did long transmissions, but then gravitated toward Bursts, which is just a transmission delivered almost instantly.

Later I started bringing these Bursts in to fuse with different areas of pain in my body. They were great for alleviating the suffering.

But my favorite use for them that I still do, including today, is to bring in Bursts to Fuse with my Heart’s Desires for a given situation. For example, this evening when I took a dog client for his evening walk, I connected with Sanamus and requested a Burst of our Love and Light from the highest possible point of our Being to Fuse with our Heart’s Desires for taking the dog for a walk.

Augmenting my Heart’s Desires in this way always results in a greater enjoyment of that particular circumstance and of all those who are with me. It makes the vibration of the Desires of my Heart more prominent, which substantially increases the probability of them happening.

On my walk, for instance, I enjoyed a lovely sunset in a stormy sky, which really uplifted me.

Doing Soul Fusions throughout the day really creates a magical life. It’s just a matter of applying intention.

Leia Webbster

Leia Webbster

Co-Director of The Institute of Magical Love Magical Light | Heartweaver | Ambassador of Compassion

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I really love working with the Light of my Soul to make the world a better place. I focus on being the world of Love that I want to live in through practical ways. In my world, it’s up to me.

I run a project called Making a Living Through Giving and  I’m also an Ambassador of Compassion where I facilitate Transmissions as well as Attunements to the Compassion Lightray.  In addition, I  actively work with Twin Flame and Soul Energetics.

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