The One Action

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Several months ago Leia shared with me how she felt a little overwhelmed by the different pressing needs which required her attention and the number of things happening simultaneously. At the time, my response was to suggest that she stop and before doing anything about those situations to first make the New World of Love vibration very strong. I told her that things that needed attention or action would then be answered. I called this step of making the New World of Love vibration very strong, “The One Action.” Per her suggestion for a first post on my blog, I would like to now expand on The One Action.

How to Get Things Done


The One Action is an action of Love. While you the reader may feel like a New World of Love is far from you, generally speaking I can say instead to “make the vibration of Love very strong.” And even if you feel that even Love is far from you, it will be much easier for you to reach than the concept of a World of Love. So let’s set that aside and simply look at why making the vibration of Love very strong is also The One Action.

First, Love is the organizing principle of the Universe. Love does this by responding to all needs – even if the need is to believe something that is not true. And there’s the rub. The mind can get in the way and screen Love’s response into something of its own choosing. It often thinks it knows what is needed.

However, the human mind can only pull from a finite pool of knowledge from which previous patterns have emerged. It is from this same source that decision-making is formed about what needs to be done and when to do it. This makes physical life unsatisfying, to say the least. Where is the Joy in that?

But when you activate the vibration of Love, a whole new ball game
emerges. Love connects all and is connected to all. Therefore the pool
of knowledge that is accessed is infinite, vast and in real-time of the
shifting currents of time. Activating the vibration of Love activates
this network. Once activated, a series of cascading events occur.

First, Love mobilizes streams of energy of its own vibratory nature to both inform you as well as to meet your various needs.

So, how might this look? You could make a list of all that needs your attention or some form of action on your part. Then you do The One Action. How do you activate the vibration of Love? This can be done in a variety of ways:

  • Perform energy tapping like EFT or Leia’s Heart Coding
  • Repeat affirmations regarding Love’s Activation
  • Dedicate a physical exercise to activating Love. (For example, set out on a walk and intend for each footstep to activate the vibration of Love.)
  • Receive an energy download that fills you with Love of some form.
  • View video footage or photographs of nature’s beauty, for beauty is Love in form.
  • Listen to uplifting music.

The ways are endless.

After engaging in some activity of activating Love’s vibration – however long is needed – then turn your mind to that list. See what stands out to you the most. The vibration of Love will inform you that needs your Action at that moment. In the meantime, Love will be working on everything else. Someone may show up to take care of another item on the list or an item becomes no longer necessary because circumstances change.

Love is orchestrating your life now. All you need to do is focus on the next thing that Love shows you to do as you look at the list while in that vibration of Love.

And this is why I said to Leia to make the vibration very strong. A strong activation of Love will override the fears of the little mind, which will rebel a little because it needs to feel like it’s in control. So let Love wash away those fears.

If you lose the vibration simply stop and activate it again – maybe a different action. If you cannot stop, then tell your mind to see Love all around you. Repeatedly turn your mind to the focus of Love. This is a discipline of the mind.

This activation of Love’s vibration is how you can live a life of Love. Ultimately, this is what creates a World of Love – choosing Love, nothing else.




Co-Director of The Institute of Magical Love Magical Light

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