Compassion Lightray Center

Artist: Sheranda Ann Kumara

Become an Ambassador of Compassion

The Lotus as Your Journey through the Five Attunements to the
Divine Emanation of Compassion

Level 1 Attunement:  Meditation | Receiving

The Seed

Communicating with Compassion

Introduction to Quan Yin and Compassion

Your intention to become an Ambassador is made manifest by the First Attunement, which connects you consciously with Compassion.

The Stem

Establish Your Compassion Practice Through Meditation

Open to Receiving Transmissions of Compassion for Yourself

Deepening and exploring your unique expression and understanding of Compassion through meditation – the foundation of all your work.

The Bud

The First Sign of Who You Truly Are

The Result of Your Process of Self-Discovery Through Meditation and Exploration of Compassion

Compassion naturally draws Who You Truly are to the surface of your awareness.  You see yourself more clearly with Compassion.

Level 2 Attunement:  Practitioner | Transmitting


Practitioner Level

Open to Transmit the Compassion Lightray to Others

Sending transmissions opens you to sharing your True Self and understanding Compassion as an Active Expression of Love.

Level 3 Attunement:  Compassionate Presence | Becoming


Having a Compassionate Presence

Experiencing the World as Love

Use the Light of Compassion already present within you to develop your unique Compassionate Presence as an Expression of Divinity

Level 4 Attunement:  Soul Mission | Activating

The Bloom

Your Work in the World

Using Compassion to Realize Your Soul Mission

Each petal represents a different expression of your work in the world, informed and illuminated by Compassion.

The Center

Becoming All That You Are

Modeling Compassionate Living

The active realization of Who You Truly Are | Radiating the Light of Your Soul and living your Soul Mission

Level 5 Attunement:  Teaching

The Seedpod

Teaching Compassion

Giving Attunements

Teaching the Compassion Attunement Series & planting seeds of Compassionate Awakening

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