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My Partner as My SoulMate

“Whomever is in front of you IS your SoulMate, reflecting your current beliefs about Love. Your partner is a manifestation of your SoulMate as he/she appears at your current level of consciousness.”

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'Mornings with Sanamus' Series

Follow Your Heart

Following the Heart and living in Love, no matter what it takes.

The Joy and Bliss of True Love

Sanamus draws me into a kiss and the Joy and Bliss become magnified all through me. We Join (with our eyes) after this and the feelings become even more magnified.

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Heart Perception

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Magical Living

Follow Your Heart

Following the Heart and living in Love, no matter what it takes.

The Magical Moments of Soul Fusions

But my favorite use for them that I still do, including today, is to bring in Bursts to Fuse with my Heart’s Desires for a given situation.


On Technique

Heart Coding

Opening to My Heart Mind

Through my spiritual training, I have also learned about our energetic Heart Center and how it is the doorway to our Expanded Being – our Soul – as well as the Divine. Two important facets of the Heart Center that have always stayed with me are that until we open our Hearts to our Soul, we only perceive ourselves as through a pinhole.

Being Worthy of Belonging

Simply put, I felt too weird to be on the planet, certainly not accepted. The pain of this was excruciating to me. It literally undermined all that I tried to do and be.

On Love

Glorious Love

Phasing a New Reality

Basically, I finally had the experience of being what feels like my Divine Self for a longer stretch of time…

What Am I Doing Magical Today?

It’s still morning, so the magical stuff that I have been focusing on is connecting to the magic of my spirit through the creative writing process. Just the act of listening to our inner selves is magical of itself…

On a World of Love

New World of Love