Tuning Into a World of Love Brings Clarity and Freedom

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If you can't imagine what living a life in a Reality of Love can be like, read this article and let that longing we all have deep in our Hearts be revived.

I’ve written previously about my experiment of tuning into the Reality of a World of Love. It’s now been over a year, during which I have been mostly consistent with the practice. There have been a few instances where a number of weeks passed – both consciously and unconsciously – without my active focus on this New World of Love. I just came off of such a stretch of weeks that was mostly an unconscious forgetting to reactive and tune into this Reality. The last time I went weeks without doing the attuning activation, I pretested at 40-some percent of having the New World of Love active in my life. And this last time, as of 3 days ago, my pretest level was 43%. With the contrast fresh in my mind, I want to talk about the difference between life outside and life inside the vibration of this Reality.

The first feeling and thought that came to me after renewing the New World of Love vibration was one of relief -a relief so intense that tears came to my eyes. I noted that immediately life felt so much easier. I’d like to dive into what that means. Imagine you’re a hot-air balloon that’s tethered to the ground. You’re straining to lift and soar into the spacious sky. The lifting momentum is there, but the restraints lock you to the ground. Yet you want so much to soar. You can’t ignore it.

This is what life is like for many of us. We so much want to rise and shine and life a life of expansive possibility. However, the negative tendrils of collective consciousness and consensual reality hold us down. The tension mounts within us. It can be too much, maybe. To find relief, we turn down the flame so that the pressure becomes less. It doesn’t solve the problem; it just makes it more bearable for now.

In the meantime, varying degrees of fog rolls in and hovers around us, depending on how much our mind follows a negative downward spiral or how much global events, such as what we have gone through this year and then our crazy election process, shout at us with megaphone-like intensity with the worst of humanity’s foulness. We’ve become bombarded with all of that negativity. The tethers that have the potential to hold us down have multiplied.

But this can all change.

With a simple act of focus on the World of Love vibration, the tethers snap from us. We become free. We can rise enough where the fog thins and the sun more brightly shines. And then another activation raises us even higher. We surpass the fog. We see clearly. We feel lighter and move easily with the currents of life. We see how to navigate and maneuver. It really is a huge difference – the freedom from being bound by collective consciousness is that tangible. The weeks that I have spent bound to a fog-enshrouded spot on the ground were periods of suffering for me again. Life became so much harder – from making decisions to chronic physical pain.

We don’t have to participate in this fog of negativity. It’s not where Reality really is. Fog is just a temporary state. Why do we make our homes in it like we are powerless against it? Let’s fill the skies of life and each of us soar on the wings that Love gives us. Let’s build a new collective consciousness where Love lifts the fog from the Earth and those who are still caught it in become free at last.

Image by Cindy Lever from Pixabay

Leia Webbster

Leia Webbster

Co-Director of The Institute of Magical Love Magical Light | Heartweaver | Ambassador of Compassion

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I run a project called Making a Living Through Giving and  I’m also an Ambassador of Compassion where I facilitate Transmissions as well as Attunements to the Compassion Lightray.  In addition, I  actively work with Twin Flame and Soul Energetics.

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