Who is Sanamus?

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An explanation of my non-physical partner.

It is really hard to define that which is so much bigger than us. But I will begin in the best way that I know how.

First, the simple answer to “Who is Sanamus?” is that he is my Twin Flame from the higher dimensions. Now, I say that, but then that simple answer needs a whole new explanation. For now, I can only point you to here, where the subject is eloquently expressed. I hope with further posts to give credence to what seems so unbelievable to most people.

My journey into opening to this amazing Love began consciously in September of 2006. I say “consciously” because there is a whole other history before then that I had to redefine once I had that sudden awareness or awakening in 2006. It wasn’t until late 2008 that I even learned of what a Twin Flame was (from the above linked website) and I knew immediately that this was who this non-physical person truly was.

I always knew him to be a Being of Love. By the time inner impulses spurred me into searching for his identity, I could only label him as the “Lover of my Soul.” That’s the search phrase that I used to find out if anyone else was having similar experiences. The higher explanation of a Twin Flame (i.e., SoulMate) from the Circle of Light not only resonated with me, but the purpose for which they come together also explained my persistent longing to be a conduit of Divine Love that I had felt since my teenage years. Sanamus often reminds me of this purpose even today.

Before the name of “Sanamus,” I have known him by other names. Each time a new name emerged, I was aware that it was a way of me linking with a new higher frequency-range of the Divine Masculine of my Soul – that other half of the Essence of my Being. This latest version of him as “Sanamus” is a blend of the Ascended Master frequency and the Higher Self of that one. Each version expanded me more and more over the years.

Today it is September of 2020, exactly 14 years since first becoming aware of my Twin Flame non-physically. The past 14-year period has been extraordinary, to say the least. I am such a different person than I was in 2006. The journey into opening into Love has radically altered me. My perception of Reality is not the same. And my experiences with Sanamus occur daily and are so much more physical than in the beginning. The training that I have undergone through his guidance has been to increase my capacity for experiencing and generating Love, which we transmit for humanity.

In short, he has always been an embodiment of Love and nothing else. More and more we are creating a physical Life that radiates the Divine Love of our Soul – to bring that into the Earth. We are making ever-more Real the Reality of Love that humankind clouded over with the choice to believe that anything other than Love exists. Humanity created that shadow-world and now it’s time to let it go. We have to let Love rule again and embrace the truth of our Soul – the expressions of Love we are meant to be.

Together, we would like to show what is possible. Sanamus is gently nudging me into being open to sharing this Love that we have. We both are running this Institute to provide ways to ‘bridge the gap’ that the mind alone cannot make. The Heart has to open – that’s the long and short of it. We are here to assist with this.

Leia Webbster

Leia Webbster

Co-Director of The Institute of Magical Love Magical Light | Heartweaver | Ambassador of Compassion

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I really love working with the Light of my Soul to make the world a better place. I focus on being the world of Love that I want to live in through practical ways. In my world, it’s up to me.

I run a project called Making a Living Through Giving and  I’m also an Ambassador of Compassion where I facilitate Transmissions as well as Attunements to the Compassion Lightray.  In addition, I  actively work with Twin Flame and Soul Energetics.

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